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At BLD Soft we provide your subscribers with a vast array of channels to choose from.

Going much further than traditional cable and satellite providers, we encode and deliver hundreds of linear channels and live events, plus VOD libraries that are completely customizable for the end user. What this means is that your subscribers get all the normal features associated with typical satellite/cable TV but with the additional benefits of unlimited choice in their entertainment schedule and unrivaled access to content that was previously unheard of. The internet is a portal to the world, just choose where you want to go…

The Best Content

Internet TV is more than just connecting a PC and television together. BLD Soft has incorporated the whole television experience with the modern day platform, combining state-of-the-art technology with the traditional TV feel. We keep the subscribers on familiar ground in terms of channel lists, program guides and menu formats; giving them an amplified version of the TV they are used to, rather than a more complicated one. Through a simple interface the end user can broaden their horizons with thousands of hours of extra content. This certainly comes in handy when you can flick through the normal available channels at any given time and find there is literally nothing to watch, or at least nothing that suits your particular taste.

BLD Soft provides greater viewing pleasure for subscribers, allowing them to watch programs they would normally miss out on, such as sporting events that would normally be shown either too early in the morning or too late at night for the user to watch (eg title fight boxing, F1 Championship Racing). Even satellite and cable customers will find some programs are “off-limits”, being shown on certain channels to which they don’t have access. BLD Soft removes that aspect of limitation from the television experience whilst opening the doors to a whole series of channels the user never even knew existed.


In order to reach the market of today it is essential to provide a service with unlimited access through a range of devices.

Today’s audience is frequently looking for entertainment on the move – watching films, television programs and video away from home. Catering to the mobile needs of consumers is essential to creating a sustainable business – this can be the absolute deal-breaker when it comes to the user selecting an entertainment provider.

If they can’t get it on their phones, they just won’t get it.

BLD Soft provides a fully functioning mobile platform that can be custom tailored to fit the needs of your business, compatible with iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, and any other mobile device with video capability. Users can experience full HD quality video and audio streams direct from their mobile device with an integrated package that lets them watch anything they want, from anywhere they choose to watch it.

Having an entertainment package that is integrated with the phone is helpful for users as it saves countless hours of time spent trawling through search listings, trying to find that needle in the haystack – their sought after video clip nestling within a sea of irrelevant junk. If they can cut down on these painstaking searches they will surely opt for the solution incorporated with their television, one that is reliable and easy to use with instant access.


For our partners, BLD Soft offers the hosting of a unique website or video portal, custom-built by our expert design team based on your preferences and the specific needs of your business.

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