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BLD Soft Central is is a complete IPTV middleware for delivering TV, Video-On-Demand and interactive services to customers in any IP-based network.

BLD Soft Central transforms the television into a truly expedient and user friendly entertainment center, providing the user with all the main uses of a television, computer and other equipment. Using the BLD Soft Central the user has easy access to TV programs, movies, recording and various interactive services. BLD Soft Central is a flexible IPTV middleware software solution for Telcom and Cable operators. It leverages Intercom software technology for Hybrid IP Set-Top Boxes to deliver an efficient and sleek user experience to subscribers. BLD Soft Central is availabe for a wide range of set-top-boxes.

Our simple, automated billing system makes managing your company’s finances a lot easier. You can charge subscription fees on a monthly basis and set up automatic direct debit transfers. Bills on our system can be pre-paid by the subscriber in advance, or there is the option to allow customers to Pay as they Play, paying for content after it has been watched.

You get full access to your subscribers’ individual accounts so you can effectively manage all your billing and reporting through a single interface.

>  Full Management of IPTV Infrastructure

  • >  Real-Time Authentication and Billing
  • >  Reporting
  • >  Payment functionality – the subscribers can pay for content and services directly from the television set
  • >  Youtube on TV and many other web video portals
  • >  Advanced features, Pause, Rewind, Stop, Fast Forward, Scene Selection, Schedule PPV content, Pause      Live TV, Catch-up

BLD Soft Central is an intuitive web based administration interface, facilitating the administration and implementation of new features and services requested by the operator. Thanks to the modular design services and overall system functionality can be customized to meet every customer’s demand.


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