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BLD Soft offers a fully secure content management system that covers every stage in the process -from signal capture, encoding and transcoding, through to social media customization, mobile platform accessibility and web-based viewing portals. BLD Soft does everything.

With 24/7 customer support, market analysis, up-to-the-minute reporting and accurate billing you know exactly what you are getting, making it easier to capitalize on your strengths and find out what works best for your company. IPTV is an essential component of Telco operators next-generation services strategy. To deliver a superior customer experience, these operators require a carrier-grade IPTV solution that offers an excellent service delivery capability, unequalled business model flexibility and a powerful service innovation framework. Everything is delivered to you pre-integrated and with a menu of services, from solution design, training, deployment, maintenance, software upgrade to refurbishment, to accompany you during the entire life of your BLD Soft Platform.

BLD Soft provides a superior IPTV user experience with a customizable user interface and a rich set of applications including recording and pausing live TV, PVR, Resume TV, Customized EPG, Pay-per-View, Video-on-Demand, Favorites, Reminders, Weather Services, Network Games and more.

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Award-Winning Technology
BLD Soft is the first company in the world to offer A-Z, end-to-end IPTV solution. When we say this, We mean it: Middleware, Encoders, Streamers, Downlink/Collocation, Stream/Bandwidth, various of Set-top boxes, full installation and training of the IPTV solution and 24/7 Monitoring of all equipment.

Superior Quality
Functionality coming with the encoders allows broadcasters and service providers to deliver multi-feature services in resolutions ranging from Standard Definition to Full HD 1080i/p. Flexible design based on BLD Soft’s in-house software Web manageable UI allows system integrators to build turn-key encoding systems of superior quality providing advanced functionality and technically unrestricted scalability.

Locations through-out the world
BLD Soft provides virtual private network tunnels to securely transport traffic across the Internet world-wide BLD Soft has Up-link locations in all major cities across the world.

24×7 Monitoring
BLD Soft provides fast connection to the internet with guaranteed bandwidth and high quality. BLD Soft partners with some of the most powerful IP networks in the world. 24×7 monitoring, alerting and reporting services. BLD Soft partners with all major bandwidth providers, such as Verizon, Level 3, AT&T etc…

Guaranteed availability and uptime
Our unshakable facilities, indestructible network and expertise in building highly-available systems allow us to deploy solutions with built-in fault tolerance that provide business continuity and disaster recovery options that are necessary for a business’ continued success.

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IPTV Solution
Award-Winning Technology
> Encoding
Superior Quality
> Signal Capture
Locations through-out the world
> Bandwidth
24x7 Monitoring
> Colocation
Guranteed availability and uptime

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